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The John Knox Village Health Center is here to assist families and patients experiencing memory loss and dementia. The Village Glen is our specialized facility dedicated to the afflicted as well as the family. Dignity and individual consideration make the quality difference in our care.  
Village Glen: Memory Loss and Dementia Program

Village Glen is more than just great nursing. It is an entire philosophy of promoting the dignity and individuality that make the difference in the quality of life for our dementia and memory loss residents. We provide a safe environment with familiar homelike furnishings, beautiful gardens and a caring staff that help foster a sense of well-being. The many activities of the Health Center are also available to our Village Glen residents.Village Glen is also dedicated to the family’s needs and in helping them gain the understanding of what their loved one is experiencing.

In-Patient Hospice Unit

The John Knox Village Health Center offers an alternative to in-home hospice care. Through a partnership with John Knox Village, a Broward County (FL) licensed hospice provider has brought the home environment to the Health Center. The hospice unit is another way to meet the fundamental goal of providing the best pain and symptom management, spiritual, social, and bereavement counseling in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. A family room is available for relaxation, or meetings with family, friends, or the physician.
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John Knox Village of Florida, Inc. is dedicated to providing a protective, supportive environment in which our Residents may thrive as their physical, emotional and spiritual well being is addressed.
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